We Will Remember


Today I was brought to tears reading the account of 9-11 to the students. May we always remember the lives lost and the ones that were directly effected by the horrid actions of terrorists. May we remember to pray for them and for our country daily.


Today from 10 am – 4 pm we are here ready to show the facility and talk with parents about their child’s education needs. We have a limited number of spots open, so come out and see us!


P.S. If you enroll today, your child will receive $250 off their yearly tuition and your application fee will be waived.

We’re Almost There!


Summer is almost half way over! Can you believe it? Well, I would say I can’t, but I feel like every year it goes by faster and faster and this year is no different. We have been working diligently to figure out classes, curriculum, and teachers. Be looking for the schedule to be posted next week. If you are interested in sending your child to our school and would also be interested in teaching a class, please contact us. We are always looking for talented teachers to share with the students bring a new creative ideas and ways of teaching to us. There is so much going on I wish I could share it all with you, but for now, I’ll try my best to be patient.

We are currently enrolling for August. If you get your application in before July 4th, we are waiving the fee ($30). Yay! Also, if you refer a friend to us there is a 10% discount for your first month. Don’t miss these opportunities for savings! 

If you are interested in sending your child to White Pine Learning Academy and have any questions at all, please email or call us so we can answer them for you. We are striving to meet the needs of our parents and help them in educating their children. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Update on the building(s): We will be using a few different buildings that will make up our campus, one for elementary students and one for middle school/junior high. So we are running just a few weeks behind our original schedule for the one building, so if you are wanting a tour we can schedule that when you call or email. Thank you all in advance for understanding and we can’t wait to meet with you!


Starting today until June 5, 2015 if you enroll your children in White Pine Learning Academy we’ll waive your application fee. Come get on our waiting list! We look forward to meeting you, showing you around our facility, and talking with you about how to make your child’s education the best experience for all of us!

We are located at 5946 Fm 920 Weatherford, TX 76088 (On the Texas Star Ranch)


drawing kids

We are so excited to announce that we are taking applications for the Fall Semester. If you are interested in White Pine Learning Academy please click here and let us know so that we can get you more information. If you would like an application we will have those available to download, print, and send in to us or bring by tomorrow afternoon. We look forward to working with you in furthering your child’s education!

Come See Us! If you would like to schedule a visit, we are currently renovating the building, but would love to sit down and talk with you. Our building will be ready on June 1st for anyone interested in a school tour.

Thank you for your interest in White Pine Learning Academy!

5 Summer Fun Activities


  1. Play a sport in your backyard with your kids. Kids that have adult interaction in the form of play are more likely to respect and listen to their caregivers, parents and guardians.
  2. Bake or make a fun summer treat in the kitchen together. This is not only a WONDERFUL way to “spend time” with your kids, but also a great way to teach them through hands-on learning.
  3. Go Outside! There is more and more research on how good it is for children to spend adequate time outside. Fresh air, cool breeze (ehh, maybe? I know we live in Texas), and sensory overload, in a good way.
  4. Get real with the “Random Acts of Kindness” Take them out to a nursing home to visit and talk with some of the sweet folks in the dining room, take nail polish, cards, dominoes, fun jewelry, socks, flowers, their artwork, etc. and go say hello. You have no idea whose day you might make. Use this as an opportunity to teach them how Jesus not only loves us, but others too and we can practically show His love with others.
  5. Enroll them in Little Star Summer Learning Camp!

We are Moving Forward


And on we march! We have been working extremely hard toward our opening and state licensing. It seems to be taking forever, but we don’t want to just meet the state requirements, we want to blow them out of the water. We want this Preschool to be the best preschool around with undoubtedly the best curriculum resources, and education tools there are. We can not wait to share all the details with you! We always welcome suggestions and advice from all our readers. If you have any please feel free to comment below. Our goal is to open by the next school year, but it might end up being the spring semester. You can’t rush these things! However, we are working diligently toward our goals, and can’t wait to meet with and work with you.